Switching to standing can be a game changer and really improve your overall health – it did for me and that is why it excites me so much! I am really excited about standing desks and motivating others to stand at work or at home instead of sitting at a desk all day.

I started using a standing desk in 2016 by chance. I switched jobs and the desk I received already had a sit to standing converter desk on it. At first I wasn’t very interested in this contraption. I saw it as a hunk of metal in my way. Over time, people would ask me about it and how I liked it. Sooooo…. I started moving it into the up position and standing at my desk more….

After a few months of standing at my desk I started to feel stiff and sore. At first I didn’t know why I was more stiff and had sore joints. After googling some of my symptoms, I discovered that my standing desk could be the issue. I learned I should be using an anti-fatigue mat and that I had terrible posture at my standing desk. And I was standing way too long. Who knew that when using a standing desk your not supposed to stand the ENTIRE DAY?!

Researching about the health benefits of standing desks and proper ways to use a standing desk I learned that there isn’t much information out there. Other than advertising and companies pushing their own standing desks or products, there wasn’t an easy one stop shop on standing desk and the standing lifestyle. And from that StandingDeskKing was born!

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Keep Standing!

I don’t have any products to advertise, or any associations with specific companies. Just honest, experienced based, and rigorously researched information about standing desks. I really enjoy learning more and more about this industry and sharing it with others.

I travel a lot in my job and see all types of standing desk set-ups. From DIY to multi-thousand dollar setups, there are so many types of standing desks and people standing at their desks. I love asking people “How do you like your desk?” and get the conversations going. Looking forward to sharing with you about standing desks and hope you enjoy your time on the site.


CJ Carter